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How much money will I make? - 60% of the sold price if it sold for $99.99 or less.  70% of the sold price if it sold for $100 or more

How long will you keep the items consigned? - 60 days

May I pick pick up my unsold items - Yes, come during the 58th, 59th or 60th day to pull your unsold items.  We'll provide a computer report.  You may find your exact expire date on the website or contact the store.

When can I get paid? - You may get paid as long as you have at least $10 in your account.  You must stop in during store hours and ask to get paid.

What do you "not" accept for consignment - clothing & shoes which are dirty, stained, ring around the collar, deodorant marks, torn, faded, missing button, broken zipper, anything too gently used.  Everything else must be clean, nothing stained, dirty or torn, broken or wobbly.  Electronics must work and items requiring batteries must come to us with fresh batteries installed. No lamps without matching shades.  Everything must be in good sellable condition and most important, be in demand - items our customers are looking to buy.

How important is my Blue Account ID Card - VERY IMPORTANT - this is your get in the door card - we must see it to check you in, pay you and let you use money in your account for in-store purchases. It helps assure your account is kept as accurate as possible.  Please present it every time you come.  Some consignors take a photo of it and keep on their cell phone under their "contact" to show us.  That is very acceptable and a great idea.