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Happy March 1st everybody!!


We can’t believe how fast this year is flying by! Can you believe it, many signs of spring are already appearing? We love the change of the seasons, don’t you? Spring means Easter time & that means birds chirping, flowers blooming, bunnies & dying Easter Eggs! But…don’t ever forget the real meaning! Jesus’ resurrection!


Information you’ll be GLAD to know!


1.     Facebook & Thrift page... If you don’t already know…we have a Facebook page for our Consignment Store AND our Thrift Store! We take a lot of pictures of our items & post them every day! Check these pages often, we mainly post new arrivals. Click like & share as much as you can! Help us get the word out! We appreciate you all! We could not do this without all of you!

The pages are:

·      All Around Consignment Inc

o   facebook.com/allaroundconsignments/

·      Community Thrift in East Albemarle

o   facebook.com/communitythrifteast/


·      Company website… Don’t forget to go to our company website! We try to take pictures of as many items as possible & those will be listed on that site! You will find lots of great deals & all prices are listed! If you are one of our consignors & have given us your email address, you will be able to access your account by using the $ Customer Connection feature!  The address is Allaround.shoprw.com


2.     Sale racks… Don’t forget when you come in, look for our sale racks! Most of the time we’ll have a $.99 cent rack in our thrift store but sometimes there will be other racks with great savings for you! Look around or ask us when you come in!

3.     Bargains on the Porch – be sure to look inside the gated area to the right of the Consignment Store.  We keep a lot of our “bargain” furniture in there.  Lots of upcycling items.



Information you NEED to know!

1.     Consignor Log In problems…We know many Consignors have had problems signing into their accounts on our website. We are very sorry for the frustration this may have caused you. But…we have found a better way!! It’s a “backdoor” way of getting in! This is what you do:

2.     Call us first and we’ll reset your password to your e-mail address, then

·      Go to - consignorlogin.resaleworld.com/allaround

·      Then put in your email address in both places it asks for

·      Then go to “change password, you’ll find it at the top right side.” You HAVE to change your password! Otherwise you will not be able to get in the second time.

By using this method, it by-passes the issue of having to go to your personal email & follow the link to change your password. That way can be a headache & is somewhat complicated.  Try it this new way, but if you still have problems, just call & we will talk you through it!


3.     eBay & Online sales… Elaine apologizes for not getting the majority of the items you brought her or she chose to “keep back” to sell Online for you.   Right now the start up of the two stores here in Albemarle is a “must” priority for her. She continues to do her best to list at least one item each day.  If you are okay continuing to wait, you need not do anything.  But if you would like to come pick your item(s), she understands. If her research determines it is not worth as much as she or you initially thought it was or the time and effort required for Online selling, she is going ahead and placing the items in the store to sell.


4.     Pick up & delivery… Please bring adequate help with you to drop off your heavy consignment items or pick up of purchased items! It’s always been our policy for you to bring your own “man power” but we’ve never really had to enforce it. Unfortunately, now we do. There are a lot of changes since we’ve moved to our Albemarle location.  Our “main man”, Bret, is not available to help as much as he did when we were in Richfield. So…just please remember to bring people that can handle the heavy lifting.


Have a great evening.  We hope you weather the storm going on outside right now “okay”

Roxann, Bret, Felicia, Deborah & Elaine